Fram Oil Filters 2017?


You mean the oil bath air-filters?


Yes I forgot to put the air in.


My brother’s '51 Packard has one, as did a '50 Ford 8N tractor I’ve driven.


I’ve seen them on cars from the 50’s and early 60’s. I’ve also seen them on cars that do dirt racing. For some reason they were popular for that type of racing.


I do not remember what all make’s had them but I do remember what I think was a early 50’s ford or internationel l truck that someone in the shop forgot to tighten & a few mile’s down the road it fell over & I had an engine fire.


I think the reason was they did not get stopped up with all the dust that was created.on the dirt track’s .


My 1947 Pontiac, 1948 Dodge, 1950 Chevrolet Pickup truck, 1954 Buick and 1955 Pontiac had oil bath air cleaners. The Lauson engines on our power mower and.on our rototiller had oil bath air cleaners. The oil specified for these air cleaners was 50 weight. That was hard to find, so we used either 30 or 40 weight. I doubt that the viscosity of the oil made much difference


That, and no parts to replace, wash out the ‘filter’ with kerosene, drain, top off the oil, and go. The ‘filter’ is more for trapping oil carry over, the dirt is mostly trapped when the air makes the 180 degree turn above the oil bath:


Yup. That’s all that was used on small engines. Just clean 'em out with gas, light them on fire, and re-oil them. Today though we like to fill the land fills with disposable filters, and put filter makers to work.


Another never mentioned factor regarding the number of pleats argument is this.

If Filter A has twice the pleats of Filter B but A filters to 25 Microns on the first pass versus 15 Microns first pass on Filter B then which one is more efficient?

And yes, I remember oil bath air filters. One of my antique Harleys has an oil bath on it. Civilian models used a plain copper mesh. Military used an oil bath with paper cartridges to boot.


Some of our fleet’s construction equipment actually uses oil bath air filters, and the equipment’s only a few years old


I’ve used Fram filters for many years and have not had a problem.
My wife did have two instances where a rock or road debris must have been thrown up and put a tiny hole in the bottom of the filter. Both were Fram filters, but I can’t blame for this and besides that was years and many filters ago…
Funny though, both instances were less than two years apart.

I do wish that all the car makers would change to the cartridge type that some cars have.
Right under the hood and no more contorting yourself to reach the filter.



That is somthing I did not know I thought they had been done away with for many year’s.


Google it, you can buy them today.


The type of cheap-o filters I was warned about when I took adult night school auto shop class years ago was the kind that didn’t have a one way anti-drain valve built in. I’ve always used motorcraft filters on my truck and Frams on my cars, never had any filter problems. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a filter that didn’t have an anti-drain valve. Do they even make that type of oil filter anymore?


I remember you could buy a remote filter that used a roll of toilet paper insider a metal housing. Some sort of adapter fit on the engine and two tubes led to and from the filter housing that you mounted on the firewall. I guess it was cheaper to replace a roll of toilet paper than a filter cartridge, but it always seemed like a bad idea to me. I changed a few of them the 2 summers I worked at the gas station in Mesa Verde National Park, long ago.


If the filter is mounted upside down then there is no need for a anti-drain valve…the oil will never leak out.

That was one of those funny tests people would use to discredit Fram filters. They’d cut open two different filters (Fram and one other brand) and show that the Fram didn’t have a anti-drain valve, but the other filter did. The filters were for different vehicles. The Fram fit on an engine where it was mounted upside down (threads facing up). The other was for a engine where the filter right-side up (threads facing down). The Fram filter for that application also had an anti-drain valve.


I had forgot about those.I do remember changing a few of them.


THEY ALL DO THE JOB filter oil . I never seen any brand leak oil if put on right .


Even this one? :smile: