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Heater stuck on "on"

I have yet another question about our 1995 Chrysler Concorde. Last time I used the car, about a week ago, the heat/AC was fine. I got in the car yesterday and the heater was stuck on “on.” I didn’t turn the heat or or leave it on last time I used the car. If anything, I had on the AC last time because it was very warm in the Boston area last week.

The controls will not work at all – not for the AC, heat, vent, etc. Pushing the buttons and turning the knobs has no effect on the speed of the blower/fan or the temperature. It’s stuck on full fan and full hot. The panel that displays the temperature does not light up. All other instruments, radio, etc. are fine.

Ideas? Is this something we can fix myself ourselves, or do we need to take it to the garage? Thanks!

I think your Concorde has an automatic climate control system for the heat and AC. If the control panel goes out you will not have manual control over your heat and air conditioning. You could find one at a salvage yard and replace it yourself if you are mechanically inclined. Make sure you pick up a repair manual at your local library so that the remove and replace procedure will have no surprises.

Thanks, Missileman. What might cause this to happen? Simple wear & tear on a 17-year-old car?

You can look for the climate control unit on ebay. If you find one and buy it; then the trick is getting the old one out of the dashboard. Once you have it out, there is just some connectors and changing it out is just a matter of removing the connectors, plugging them into the new unit and reinstalling in the dash. In some cars this is easy and others it is a real bear. Don’t have experience with your car so I don’t know how hard it is going to be in this case.

Thanks, Uncle Turbo. Sounds like it would be much easier to bring it in (although pricey).

Agree with Uncle Turbo. It’s always best to consult a repair manual before starting these kinds of jobs. Some are very easy (Chevy pickups for one) but others can be a bear as Uncle Turbo stated. Yes PJSPJS…these control panels will fail with use and age. Some a lot sooner than others.

I started the car today and the heater/AC does nothing at all! No blowing, no heat. Just dead.