Foreign Cars Opel, Skoda, etc

I’m living in Germany for three months and have been eyeballing the cars around here, like the Opel and the Skoda. Some of them really look pretty nice, but I wonder what their overall reputations are for reliability and so on? Any websites I could check? Right now we’re renting an Opel Corsa, and think it’s a pretty nice car overall. We rented a Hyundai for a month and it was fine around town but once you got it on to the AutoBahn, it was like riding in a high speed shopping cart.

Opel = GM
Skoda = Volkswagen

These brands are simply offshoots of their parent company. In terms of reliability, according to Warranty Direct’s data on claims rates for the UK, Skoda finished #5, behind Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, and Subaru. Vauxhall (GM’s English brand) finished #18, on the lower end of the respectable brands (but still above VW).

However, individual models do vary.

The Vauxhall Corsa (same as the Opel Corsa) was the 32nd best vehicle in their ratings, with a score better than an average Toyota.

How interesting! DO you know of anyplace I can read more on this on the Internet?

Yes, type in Opel and hit enter.