Ford Windstar engine vibration

I have a 99 Ford Windstar and had to do some work on it. I had to drop the engine and transaxle assembly to replace the flywheel. It was cracked. I know one of the motor mounts were bad, so both were replaced. Everything back together and running now, but at idle the engine seems like it is missing out. It has a real bad vibration. I have checked firing order, fuel pressure, injectors and everything else that I could think of. I don’t know what else to check on this. It is not throwing any codes.

While the engine was out did you replace the plugs and wires?

Were the plugs gapped to specs?

Are any of the plugs damaged or plug wire boots loose?

Any vacuum leaks?

In my book all that work to not do standard tune up items when your that far into a project makes you an idiot. Plugs, wires, engine gasket kit were all replaced. No they arent damaged, no they arent loose. No vacuum leaks. I did a road test today. The engine runs great and has plenty of power. No noises, its just the vibration.

“In my book…makes you an idiot”.

Look, all I tried to do was find out what else you did (or didn’t do) while attempting to track down the miss/vibration.

If you don’t want help don’t post. I don’t need any name calling.