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Ford v-10 compression test

I’m looking at a 99 Southwind MH with 49k miles on it. I’m having the RV dealer take it to a shop for a compression test.
What is a good range to look for?
175-190 may be too much to hope for?

A modern low mileage vehicle that runs well is not worth doing a compression test. OBD diagnostics and/or emissions test will tell you everything you need to know. Repair history helps too. I used to compression test old beaters I bought back in the '70’s, but have not done it in over 30 years.

Thanks twotone. It’s passed yearly emissions test, but what an OBD diag?

The OBD diagnostics refers to hooking up the vehicle to a code scanner to see if any trouble codes are stored in the computer for the engine. From a discussion on another message board you should see 150+ in every cylinder

Ah, thank you again!