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To save or not to save

I have a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder with 152,000 miles. It’s been the best car I’ve ever owned. Have done nothing but general maint. on her. She needs another timming belt, and at least an exhaust gasket, and maybe the manifold and the bolts that hold it in place. And probably a compression test to see if its worth saving. The last one was done at 100,000 miles and it was ok. Etatmates run around 12 to 16 hundred. Should I be able to get another 50k out of her???

Is there a reason you feel the need for a compression test? Is there cause to wonder of it’s worth saving?

The timing belt and exhaust gasket are no concern, but I’m wondering about the manifold and about the compression concern. With more information about these a better opinion could be offered.

I’m thinking about running a compression test just to see if the compression is ok. If it’s not there is no reason to do all the work that needs to be done. The car has the sev6 motor, and these are know for their exhaust leaks. It sound like a card stuck in a bike spoke the way we used to do, remember? A very loud sound. It’s gotton worse over the year. I realy hate the thought of having to buy another auto.

Generally of the compression is low it will manifest itself as operating problems, however a compression test is pretty easy if all the spark plug holes can be accessed so it’s certainly harmless.

I assume you’ve already located the leak? How tough is that manifold to get off? Just curious.

Getting the manifold off is a pain in the ars. Let’s just say it’s not like working on my old 65 mustang. Way too many hoses and wires and anti pollution stuff.

I would fix it and run it another 50K. I always look and how is the power doing and how much oil is it using. If oil consumption doubles, and not just leaking, then it is time to get rid of the engine or the car.