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Ford Transmission Identification

I was recently cleaning out one of my older barns and found an automatic transmission that the previous owner of my house abandoned. Is there anyway I can identify the year and model of it? I know it’s an auto and it has ford logos stamped all over it.


Search “Ford automatic transmission” on google and click on “images” The pictures usually have a title of some sort so you can identify it as a C4 or C6 or whatever. Search through until you find one that looks like the one you have. The year is probably on the date code of the casting.

The Fel-Pro gasket charts can easily identify automatic transmissions. I just searched and found several of the charts listed on pinterest but had no luck linking one.

If you post a few photos somebody here will likely know what it is. Anotehr idea, my local Barnes and Noble bookstore has a book in the transportation section with step by step photos on how to rebuild Ford automatic transmissions. I know it covers the C4 and C6, and probably the AOD. The photos in that book would probably help you sus it out.