Ford Taurus X brakes

Has anyone else had this problem? The mechanic checked the brakes and they are good.

The way you worded it makes no sense . . .

You speak of some mysterious problem

The mechanic checked the brakes

They’re good . . . according to him, apparently

Seems to me you don’t have a problem, after all

But seriously . . . we need WAY more information, if we’re to be of help

Sue01, you must have put your post on the carcomplaints site but when it shows up here at the Car Talk forum there is not enough info for anyone to make a response.

Good brakes are a problem?

@Sue01 @VOLVO_V70 is right. Would you mind telling us a bit about your problem so the members might offer you thoughts?

Carolyn , I hope they gave you a raise after starting this ill advised carcomplaints site link.


Yup. And I was happy about it.

I agree with Volvo . . .

“Ask someone” might have been a good idea on paper . . . but in reality, it’s just not working