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Ford Taurus 2004 SES Alignment

Great to be back to this forum. I have a Ford Taurus 2004 SES with about 90k miles on it. Pretty happy with it and am planning to keep. Had a minor roadside accident and did the alignment. They could correct some and part they could not. I am attaching what they are saying of what I need to do. I would like to know your opinion on what to do going forward.
Thank you.

Well, you posted the before measurements but not the after measurements, so we don’t know how they did.

Click on the pic and the whole thing will pop up. :slight_smile:

Right click on the image and open it in a new tab. Then you would see all.

The car is not pulling at 70 miles, dry or wet road.

Can you please describe this?

As for what they propose to do, that is not unheard of

To be clear, does the shop specialize in alignments and front end work?

Your camber front and rear is certainly out of specs, too negative, and depending on how much you drive, it could eat up the tires, causing wear on the inside edges.

If you don’t mind, how much are they asking . . . parts and labor . . . to perform these repairs/adjustments and perform a second steering alignment?

There was a piece of concrete left by the road crew and was not visible at a snowy night. The shop is Firestone. I drive about 2000 miles a month. They are asking ~$800. I am so surprised they said that this could not be adjusted and said that they needed aftermarket component. Does this look excessive?

You sure you didn’t bend any suspension components, during the accident?

As a matter of fact, it’s not uncommon for an auto manufacturer to have no adjustment for caster and camber. Implying that if it’s out of spec, something is damaged and/or worn out. For example, badly worn out bushings, sagging coil springs or a bent strut

That is where the aftermarket comes in

I have to believe that multiple suspension and steering components are bent. Both before and after are way out of whack.
When something is way out of whack like this then something(s) is bent.

As is, your tires are not going to last long at all.

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I don’t believe you will be able to correct 2.5 degrees of negative camber in the front by adjusting the struts, there must be something bent. I don’t think you received a proper assessment of the damage.

You need a good front end shop to asses this, not Firestone. Right clicking on my Mac doesn’t do anything, clicking on the diagram opens up 3 vertical pages , all way too small and faded out to read.

I am uploading one image at a time as the web is limitingme

Something is bent. It is odd the LF and RR are that far out. Seems odd that those corners would be that bad.

IF the figures are accurate, the car will destroy the RR and LF tires pretty quickly. If you don’t trust Firestone, note my “IF accurate comment” take it elsewhere and have it re-checked for both alignment AND bent components. You will spend that repair money pretty quickly in new tires if you don’t get it fixed.