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Ford taurus 2003. $4000 used

We are looking at a used this a dependable used car.and what kind of problems might we be looking at down the road.thank you for your help

The Taurus and Sable cars are good cars but like any used car much depends on how it was driven and how it was maintained.

It’s 7 years old and a 7 year old anything is always a crap shoot. A very thorough inspection can greatly increase your odds of determining if the car is worth it or not but even that inspection is not a 100% etched in stone guarantee of a problem free car.

It was a reliable car but my 140,000 mile limit still applies to this model. I use it as a use by date. After that I say to discard it or flip a coin to decide.

My Sable went 420k miles before I sold it (still running well) and a couple of neighbors ran their Tauri (plural I suppose) up to about 275+ and 300k+ miles before trading them off.

The only reason I got rid of mine was because a bad storm put a tree branch through the windshield. This gave me the excuse I needed to get rid of the car because I was absolutely bored to tears with it.