Ford returns to Formula 1

Ford announced that they are returning to F1 racing with Red Bull and Scuderia AlphaTauri in 2026. Ford will supply the engine. Ford last raced in F1 when they owned Jaguar in to 2000s with the Red Bull team.

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Interesting… first I’d read about the AlphaTauri supply.

Ford badged engines are the 3rd most successful engines in Formula 1. The Ford badged Cosworth DFV engine was brilliant.

I wonder how Honda feels about this considering Red Bull has taken over the Honda F1 engine design and manufacture. If Ford has access to that, could be a BIG leg up. Plus Honda is listed as coming back as one of the 6 suppliers of engines for 2026.

Good way for Ford to keep on top of technological advances. Should be good for them, and good for Ford customers.