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Ford Ranger Transmission

I have a 98 Automatic 3.0 engine… When the engine is cold it does not go into reverse without revving the engine… slow going into 4th. 325,000 miles with a rebuilt engine. My mech. took out the servo and it has a damaged tip to the spindle. Ford makes 3: 2,1,0 grooves… but we can’t because of damage see which it is.

Any advice. Thanks.


Tim, Can you post a pic of this reverse servo?? I would like to see the damage and try to help you identify it. There is an Extendo pin for the reverse servo.

Here it is:


Is this Extendo Pin and extension meant to make a short servo spindle fit?

Unfortunately the servo is back in the car!! So no picture available anymore… but here is the complete serial number of the part that we copied off it while it was out:
D3A9A 1271.AQ.OA: 740T 7A 266AC1

The servo part number from Ford is XLZZ - 7D189 either AA or CA

They tell me the 0 groove is not made any more, only the 1 and 2 grove versions are available as dealer parts.

I think there is a typo in the part number. It should read 1271.A.OA:

My supplier shows 0,1, and 2 groove availiable. It looks like the 1 groove is most commonly ordered and is more readily availiable.

Here it is:

This does not look exactly like the item my mechanic removed… the lower part was flat, simpler… The transmission is a 5R55E, if that helps.