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Ford Ranger Smoke Problem

I’ve had my 2001 Ford Ranger for almost a year now 240,000 miles, almost no problems until now. It doesn’t overheat, but smoke is coming from the hood and smells like burning oil EVERYTIME I start it up & drive it. I don’t think its a head gasket problem, but I could be wrong. I am not great with car engines and need a little bit of advice.
Please and Thank you,

Have you been checking the oil level? Has it stayed at the full line OK?

How long has it been doing this?

Take it to a shop? Immediately?

My guess is you have an oil leak somewhere on the engine, and it’s burning up on the hot metal exhaust, etc. But if you are unable to track it down yourself, take it to a mechanic who can. This could be a fire hazard, if nothing else. Good luck.

Could be a valve cover leak or other oil leak dripping onto the exhaust manifold . Basically what ledhed75 said .