2006 Ford Ranger burning up oil

My engine is burning up oil. Somewhere in the 1 - 3 quarts in 2 weeks depending on my driving habits that week.
I had the main gasket and the oil pan gasket changed on this. Also I changed the PCV with no change.
Nothing is leaking under the truck.

What engine?

Lots of blue smoke upon startup in the morning?

How many miles per quart?

Lot of miles on this 06 Ranger?

Give this a try, https://www.restoreusa.com/index.php

And if that doesn’t work?

New engine.


If the oil isn’t leaking outside and onto the ground, the other ways it can get into the cylinders and burned is

  • past the piston rings
  • past the valve stem seals
  • sucked in through the pcv system

If you got black/blue smoke out the tailpipe, worse on acceleration, piston rings probably. If you got smoke out the tailpipe but it is much, much worse when first starting the engine after it has been sitting for several hours or overnight, likely the valve stem seals. The pcv symptoms could go either way & the entire pcv system needs to be inspected thoroughly by a pro, not sufficient to just change the pcv valve. Check to make sure the oil isn’t going someplace else too, like into the coolant.

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