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Ford Ranger Pulls Hard to the Right

I’ve got a 1995 Ford Ranger that pulls hard to the right. It has always pulled to the right a little, but recently it has been worse. About a year and a half ago I replaced all four shocks, the two front tires, and had all four wheels aligned, but this did not stop the slight pull to the right. I get it back from the mechanic yesterday, and he tells me that there is a little bit of wire showing on the inside or the front drivers side tire.
Is there some kind of joint or something in the steering that may be worn out that needs to be replaced? If so, how much does something like this cost to replace?
I’ve been slowly replacing everything on my truck that needs to be replaced as I get the money, but it seems that lately it’s just got way more expensive. I know that it’s not a cheap fix for something like this, but I just wish it wouldn’t happen all at once.
Thanks for your time.

Tire wear on the inside edge usually points to excessive toe-out or too much negative camber. If only one tire is affected then it’s likely the negative camber scenario.
Too much negative camber can be caused by a bent suspension component or worn ball joints.
If it’s worn ball joints then this is something that needs to be fixed PDQ because it’s a very serious safety issue and can cause pulling problems and so on.

Prices vary based on parts procurement, locale, and shop rates but I would figure on replacing both upper and lower ball joints on one side at the same time.
Wild guessing a bit, I would say a 100 dollars or less for both joints and 3 hours labor.

A good alignment person should inspect the suspension whenever an alignment is performed because even one slightly worn part means that performing the alignment is a waste of time and money unless a repair is performed first. Hope that helps some.

The radius arm bushings

are a prime suspect for your problem. If left to deteriorate long enough the mounting flange will wear out.