Ford Ranger leaves a bad taste when you drive it .... seriously


My 1991 ford ranger (6 cyl, manual) is running great. But when I drive it (it is not my main vehicle) it leaves a strange taste in my mouth (no jokes).

I don’t smell coolant, gas, or anything. I have been over the radiator (new 2 years ago), fuel system, etc. I left cardboard under the truck to see if it was leaking, nothing. I have not checked the heater core yet, but I would think I would smell coolant. Any ideas? Thanks.


[b]Well! Heater cores can leak where they emit a very fine vapor, and not display the typical signs of a leaking heater core. But hey! Let’s Find out!

Aquire a barbed hose coupler that will fit your heater hoses. Remove the heater hoses from the core and connect them together with the hose coupler. Now drive the vehicle, and see if this symtom disappears!



If you know someone in the fire department who will check your cabin (of your car) with a hydrocarbon sniffer, they MAY be able to identify the substance. Metallic fumes can leave a taste in your mouth. Is it a metallic taste? A well-equipped garage may have a gas analyser which they can use to detect some gases. Another nose (person attached) might smell a different substance. Noses (senses of smell) do differ.


Once the radiator is changed on a Ford, the heater core usually starts to leak.