Ford Ranger Leaking Engine Coolant


I drive a 1998 ford ranger. Yesterday I walked out to the parking lot to discover a small pool of engine coolant on the ground. Upon further inspection, I discovered that the hose that leads from the coolant reservoir to the radiator was disconnected. Is this easily fixed? I could not find where it was connected to the radiator. Thanks for any help!!


The reservoir should hose should connect to the radiator beside or fairly close to the rad cap - look for an open hole there.
However, I’m not exactly sure how the Ranger is set up. If it’s like the Crown Vic, the reservoir connects at a t-fitting in the lower rad hose near the bottom of the passenger side of the rad, close to where the lower rad hose and radiator meet.

In any case, the hose should connect to one of those two spots, I’d imagine. Just get a new hose clamp (preferable a gear type clamp, one that uses a screw to tighten it), put the hose back on and clamp it. Should be good to go.


Thanks! I’ll try that.