Ford Ranger A/C Compressor Question

I have a 2000 Ford Ranger 2.5L engine that I just replaced the A/C Compressor, Dryer, and venturi tube/filter, vacumed the system and recharged the system to the correct pressure but the Compressor clutch will not engage… Am I missing something? is there a fuse or relay that I can check?

Is the low pressure cutoff switch functioning? Are you getting 12V+ at the compressor?

Explain “recharged the system to the correct pressure” Compressor dosn’t run?

You need to locate the low pressure switch, unplug the connector and insert a jumper wire in the connector to get the compressor to operate.


Thanks folks but I figured it out… the problem was that the venturi tube/ filter was defective and was blocked and the compressor clutch would not engage because the pressure was too low at the compressor! When I changed the filter… Wha-la it worked like a charm