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Ford pickup shifter problem

I haave an 04 ford 150 super crew truck with 4 speed trans and 3.4 engine. The gear shift sometimes won’t start in park and has slack in movement . Starts in neutral but has some slack in it. I can’t determine where the slack is but sure it relates tt no park start. Can anyone tell me where the safety swith is and is this a common problem with this truck?
thanks, LEE

The first place I would check is the bottom of the steering column where you should find the arm that moves the shifter cable. Chances are the torx bolts for the arm are loose.

It could not have a 3.4 engine so I can’t tell if it’s the old body style , called ‘‘heritage’’ in 04…or the new body style.
Last eight digits of the vin and I can decode.

But check the lever as suggested. plus there could be breakage inside the column shif tube as well.

Thanks Pete and Ken and the engine size is 5.4. I dunno where in the hell the figure 34 came in . I haven’t owned a truck engine that small in my life.