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Ford Jack

I am having trouble finding a used jack for my 1997 Ford Ranger. We have visited several junk yards, no success. My old jack from my 93 Ranger is too short. Is there an easy way to determine which jacks from earlier and later models will fix my 97 Ranger? Thank you

You are in the “try it to see” category.
I’ll bet the 93 was 4x2 and the 97 is 4x4 ? Hence the height difference. At the bone yard look for 4x4s and full size pickups, then simply “try it to see”. That’s all we can say in print. The rest is in person, one jack at a time. The exact fit was 1988-97 Ranger 4x4, 88-90 Bronco II, and 91-94 Explorer. Be sure to test fit your crank handle or get the matching crank for the jack you buy.

Actually, the 97 is a 4x2. The newer models just have more ground clearance. I can’t walk the junk yard here. I tell them what I want, and they go get it, so I need to know exactly what I need. I also do not know what hardware came with the original. I believe my 93 came with special hardware for letting down the spare. It is hard to tell on 97. It looks like there is just a retaining bolt that you loosen.

Yes, the spare is as simple as one bolt on the middle bracket. your lug wrench is to fit that bolt.

The jack operating handle/rod lives atop the radiator support. With the hood open you’ll see a 1/2" dia rod about four feet long clipped accross the width of the top of the radiator. It’s dog-leg handle end goes down behind one headlight. If this isn’t there you’ll need to buy one to operate the OE style jack.

Exscuse me if I am missing something but what is wrong with a generic hydraulic jack?

It a all original parts thing, value really falls off if you don’t have all the original equipment.

Really it’s probably a jack storage issue.