Ford goes BIG on electric vehicles

This is said to be the largest manufacturing investment in Ford’s history, and–most significantly–it will add close to 11,000 jobs for Americans.



Good for them. I hope it works out.

Of course Scotty thinks their bankruptcy is inevitable making cars that only a small percentage of people want. That’s why there is so much pressure on legislation to come to the rescue. But as my old law professor said, laws are designed for the majority of people are willing to follow. Laws against the populace haven’t worked very well in a free society.

Interesting article. Of course Cali is outlawing generators. Just stay dark.

There is a bill in the CA Legislature to ban the sale of portable gas-powered generators.
Whether their Governor signs it into law is an unknown at this point.
However, that bill has nothing to do with banning permanently-installed generators.

Well no offense but rolling on the ground laughing. Of course he will sign it. One little change will make it apply to all generators and of course NG and LG fuel source can be controlled as a fire hazard. Point is the electric supply is unreliable and people who attempt to overcome that unreliability will be punished.

Well NY just added to this when they snuck thru a bill with little to no discussion of outlawing gas vehicles for sale by 2035 . These people are unbelievable .

Good thing we have you to tell us how the world works, @bing. ROFL. No offense.

California has so many problems with wildfires that banning the sale of portable generators makes sense. It wouldn’t in Maryland because we get over 40” of rain each year, and it’s growing. There is no thought of banning portable generators here, btw.


California has had problems with wildfires for years. And so has Arizona, and New Mexico, etc. I used to fight them lol. Is the banning of generators to prevent wildfires? I kinda doubt it, but if so, kinda dumb in my opinion. Put spark arrestors on them (if they don’t already have them) and don’t run them when they’re sitting in the sage brush. Otherwise, you may as well ban atv’s, chainsaws, weed eaters, campfires, cigarettes, any vehicle off road…

Speaking of vehicles off road, I once pulled up on a fire to see a brush truck with the hoses deployed and a couple of guys spraying a small brush fire with their backs to the truck. Little did they know that their catalytic converters had ignited the dry grass, so there was fire on both sides of them. Kinda ironic, a little funny, and somewhat dangerous!

So we should also ban brush trucks and catalytic converters too. I’m being facetious, but I’m not a fan of the government banning…generators…?!?


I know I’m cynical, but it’s ironic that one of these plants will be in one of the states that’s probably near the top for coal fired power plants and that one reason they chose that site was for cheaper electricity costs. No idea if the plant itself will be on a coal fired grid or not, but it’s…ironic.

I hope the whole getting off fossil fuels attempt works out for all of us…however it works out!

That’s a very very narrow view. The correct answer is small percentage of people want electric cars based on the technology NOW. However there’s a very very large portion of people who’d love electric vehicle if they had the range of their current ICE vehicles, with fast charging and there was the infrastructure in place. I know I would.

From what I have observed here in East Central Indiana, the electric.power company seems to be gearing up to.provide more power. More high voltage transmission lines are being installed. Wind turbine generators in an adjacent county are online. The electric power company has incentive plans in place for businesses and industries to reduce electrical power usage. Until the pandemic hit, I was invited and attended a breakfast and program sponsored by our power company. I was fascinated by all the power saving incentives offered by the power company to.businesses and industries to upgrade equipment to save energy.
I got involved by accident. My wife and t were fitness walking around the basketball arena at our local university when I noticed the light fixtures were being exchanged. I talked to the foreman if the crew doing the work. He told me that the University was given a big incentive to convert to LED lighting. I asked him if it applied to churches. He thought it did and went out to his truck in the rain and brought me the information. I applied for the incentive program for the small church I attend. For every fluorescent tube U replaced, the church received $6. I bought the LED replacements for $6.95. I have probably changed 400 fluorescent tubes for LED tubes. I had to remove the ballast transformers from the fixtures and rewire the fixtures. In five years, I have not had to replace.a single LED tube. Is there energy savings? I don’t know about electrical power savings, but it has certainly saved my energy. At least once a month, I was up on a ladder replacing fluorescent tubes and half the time I was replacing the ballast transformers as well.
As far as home generators are concerned, we had a bad ice storm some years back and lost electrical power. We had about 36 hours without power. The second night, we went to my wife’s office which did have power. Her boss came in with her family and decided to drive up to Michigan where she could purchase a generator. She asked if we would like a generator. My wife agreed and at 2:00.a.m. we had a generator. At 3:00 a.m. I called my house and the answering machine picked up indicating we had electric power. I am on the same a Walmart and Lowe’s stores, so I assume these stores received power right away. I start the generator twice a year, but have never needed it.
If our local power company is an example, I think the companies are preparing for electric vehicles.

Duh. If you eliminate all the disadvantages, of course the advantages remain. Just math. Of course the unknown is the future cost of kilowatts.

Yes we have a $300,000 LED and parking lot project at church. Replacing all the exterior lights with LEDs. Cheaper, better light, etc. but the initial cost is kinda high. I switched to LEDs in the garage so I have 10 LEDs at $26 each and have had to replace two. Of course instead of 10 100 watt bulbs at about 50 cents each.

Power companies are hard at it because legislation has required so much of a percentage that has to be invested in wind and solar. The dirty little secret is though, while sounding all warm and fuzzy, the reliability (and thus cost effectiveness) is just not there. But who cares as long as people feel good.

The unknown is the future of Gas prices.

Then don’t make the assumption that things are going to stay the same. Electric vehicle technology has changed significantly since the first Tesla was introduced. You made the statement that people don’t want electric cars…that is just plain WRONG. People do want electric cars. Maybe not the ones being offered today, but a very large population do want them.

What I want is a small Battery powered truck with a 6 foot bed that is wide enough for a 4 x8 sheet of cabinet grade plywood .

The current trucks are just too large and the new Ford Maverick with a 4 foot 5 inch bed is just not that usable.

There is a CA town that banned new gas stations. A ban on generators would be a negative for the construction industry I would think.

We lost power in an ice storm maybe 20 years ago and went to stay at a motel, so I bought a generator. Only had to use it once since the, No power for a couple of days due power being cut because of the Floyd unrest.

Our car came with a built in inverter, wonder if they are thinking of banning inverters also.

??? They’re a bit over $2 each at Amazon:
AmazonSmile: SYLVANIA ECO LED Light Bulb, A19, 100W Equivalent, Efficient 14.5W, 7 Year, 1450 Lumens, Frosted, 5000K, Daylight - 6 Pack (40884) : Everything Else

I suspect Bing is writing about the 48 inch LEDs replacing 48 inch fluorescent bulb/fixtures in the garage.

Maybe, but why mention 100w bulbs for 50 cents?

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