Ford focus/Mazda?

Is a 2005 ford focus really a Mazda 3 under the hood? Are both ok cars? Or dependable?

The Mazda3 was built on the Ford C1 platform and Ford has the rights to produce the 2L and2.3L Mazda designed engines.

The 2nd generation of the Focus and the Mazda3 are from the same design. But the US didn’t get the platform shared with Mazda until 2010 with the current generation. Ford and Mazda have been sharing parts and engines since the early 90’s at least. The 1991 Escort GT and the Mazda Protoge LX of the same year had the same engine.

Both are great cars with the Mazda3 being more reliable in the experience of the group of co-workers who own early Mazda3 sedans. The focus was a little problematic before 2003 but a 2005 as long as it’s been taken care of should be reliable. A friend of mine has had her Focus sedan since buying it new in 2001 with very few problems.

Found an 05 focus with 60k miles. Seller wants $5k. Not sure about timing belt/chain on the 2.0 motor.

Rest easy, it’s a timing chain. For a base model with AC, ABS, from air bags, and auto trans, that is about right for a dealer sale. It is $1200 too high for a private sale. In my, zip, anyway.

Turns out its an 07. Kid got it. 62k miles. They traded their $5k value suv for it. Kid drives a lot for job so mileage is important