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Ford F350 MPG

I have a friend who swears that he saw a window sticker in a 2005 F350 at a Ford dealer in Cancun Mexico with a gas mileage or 38 city and 48 highway. Was he pulling my leg or do export Fords get better gas mileage than Fords in the US?

What do you think?

He didn’t sse it or either it was in liters per 100km.

Last time I looked, trucks over 8800lbs GVWR do not need EPA MPG stickers…come to think of it, EPA in Mexico?..never mind…

It’s the same in California. It’s the number of ground squirrels that the vehicle usually kills in a year. 38 city, 48 highway. In Maine, it’s the number of black flies on your windshield per mile. We have the nine gallon windshield washer. It’s our own type of water injection. In Seattle, it’s the number of lattes per month, unless you drive a Saab, then you just double the figure.

That sounds about right, as most countries that use metric measurements use the x-Liters per 100 KM. Which seems totally confusing as heck.

L/100km actually gives you a better idea of how much fuel it takes to go somewhere. But in this instance the highway number would be lower, so I don’t think that’s quite right. It would also be low even for an F350.