Ford F350 6.4 Diesel Throttle Lag

I recently purchased a new 08 F350 with the 6.4 Diesel. I am experiencing a significant amount of low RPM throttle lag from when I pushed down the accelerator to where the truck delivers the horsepower. I am also experiencing very low Fuel Economy of about 11 MPG with normal driving and no load. How do I help correct these issues?

I think you take it back to the dealer and complain, asap!

Or go buy a Cummins

Yeah, it’s too bad they don’t put that Cummins in a good truck.


Does this engine have an electronically-controlled throttle rather than a cable? I have heard complaints about lag from late-model Crown Vic owners that have throttle-by-wire.

The throttle is controlled electronically. With my 7.3L Ford Diesel, I didn’t have this issue at all. I already took it to the dealership and they said that this is normal. Both Dodge and GMC have good throttle response.