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Lost of throttle respond

I have a 2002 Dodge 3500 5.9L Diesel, auto, 4X4. Problem is when I crank the truck up when its cold it run good while its idling. but, when i get on the road and take off I have NO Throttle respond at all, just idling. I have to turn off the engine and re-crank it then it will take off like nothing is wrong. Now, after it has warmed up. the only time that I have no throttle respond is if I’m driving under 59 mph or less and I want to give it more power I have no throttle re-spond. I have to either turn off the engine and restart it or press the fuel pedal into the passing gear then it clears up and Im fine. Have no problem if Im going 60mph to more… have new fuel pump on truck… no one knows any ideas.

It’s sounds like a bad TPS… Throttle Position Sensor. They are inexpensive and simple to install. See a good independent mechanic.

A TPS on a diesel, which doesn’t have a throttle? I thought diesel’s had valves to control the amount of fuel flow, not throttles to control the amount of air flow.

Valves? This Dodge diesel has a TPS. They are quite expensive (around $350) and fail often. I replaced one on my son’s GMC 2500 diesel about 2 weeks ago.

What was the problem with your d
sons Tps… Reason for replacement??

At $350, that sounds more like an electronic pedal assembly and a pedal position sensor, but I wouldn’t know.

The $350 quoted is the retail price from Autozone/Advance Auto online website for a throttle position sensor for a diesel Dodge Ram 3500. I too thought they were all fairly inexpensive until I looked up the price.