Ford F-250 Fuel Tank Senders

I have a 1991 F-250 Supercab with the 7.3 L Diesel and twin fuel tanks.Recently the gauge sender for the forward tank stopped working. Ford tells me that the sending unit is obsolete. Perhaps they want me to buy a new truck. I recently found a NOS sender on E-bay but it is supposedly for the plastic fuel tank and mine is the steel tank. What steps would I need to take to make this sender work in my truck? Do I need to eliminate a ground wire, add aground wire, or make up insulators to prevent the sender shorting out on the steel tank?

If you drop the tank you might find that the plastic float has cracked. That’s a cheap fix… And if the sender has failed you will be able to compare the plastic tank model to the metal tank type that you have.

@RodKnox unfortunately your suggestion won’t work

We have Ford dual tank trucks in our fleet. Our trucks have both steel and plastic tanks. I’ve replaced pumps and senders on both. Rest assured, they are quite different.

I just looked on rockauto. No luck there.

I suspect the junkyard is the next place to look.