Ford Explorer Year 2000 - Stalls when I get off the Freeway

Eddie Baurer Explorer - purchased in 2006, has always stalled after driving on the freeway for 15 minutes or more when I get off and come to a stop. Ford dealership has charged me about $1,000 and 4 visits, but never respolved. Independents have cleaned the throttle body, changed the ERC valve, fixed air leaks in the engine, new plugs and wires . . . but the problem persists. Please Advise !!

If nobody has cleaned or replaced the Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF), that is definitely something to look at.
And, if your Explorer has one of those aftermarket K & N air filters, I can tell you that those filters are a frequent source of MAF problems.

Maybe your locking torque converter isn’t unlocking as it should.

Put the transmission in neutral before stopping. If it, then, doesn’t stall, it’s the torque converter lock up not unlocking.