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Ford Expedition Transmission

My 2003 Expedition has begun to “stutter” when I am cruising around 35-50 MPH and not giving it much gas. If I am accelerating, or take it out of overdrive, it does much better. It is not an engine skip, more like a hesitation in the transmission. I recently had the transmissiom fluid changed.

Any ideas?

Sounds like the torque converter is shuddering. There’s an additive you can get that will help with that. But if proves ineffective you might be looking at a new torque converter and/or a transmission rebuild. How many miles did you go between transmission fluid changes?

probably about 80,000. Has 215,000 miles on it. A friend said a possibility may be that when the trans fluid and filter were changed, there is a small hose that may have either been cracked, or not snugged up, and I may be catching air or not getting a full dose of fluid, unless I am at higher RPMS?? Thanks for the input.


Did the correct Mercon ATF get used?
Not some generic all-purpose ATF, I hope?
If the filter didn’t get installed “all the way” this could cause problems.
When I install trans filters, I gently tap them in place, so I can feel/hear them “hit home”

that is to long between services should be about every 30k. most shops(tranny) use an universal atf then add the friction modifer that could cause a torque convertoer shutter. there is a product out there for that its called"Dr. Tranny Shudder Elematoer"