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Ford expedition 2000 Eddie bauer

My ford keeps loosing battery power. My alternator is new and so was the battery what can cause this and when the car is off even dead I hear a clicking just under and around the area of my stirring wheel any takers on this one.

You lucked up. The source of the parasitic drain is the component that’s making the relay click on and off. Probably a defective horn or horn relay. Get in there and find it.

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Thanks how can I tell if a relay switch is bad is it a visual like a fuse or do I need something more?

You need to determine what type of relay you have first…then decode the pins. The 4 and 5 pole relays are very common. They usually have the poles numbered 85 , 86, 87, 87a(5 pole only) and 30. 30 is your power feed… 85 and 86 are the electromagnet coil and can be reversed if you so chose…one gets ground and the other switched power (or ground, however you want to trigger the relay). 87 usually goes to the item being powered (or grounded) 87a joins 30 when the relay is resting and you can choose to have either + or - again… Relays are wonderfully adaptable and are very good items to understand, they can serve you very well.

Look up “relay pole breakdown” and I am sure the Easter Net will provide more detailed info with pictures to describe what I am trying to explain. I used to have to wire relays daily when I was an ICE installer (In Car Entertainment) for 10-12 yrs as a Pro. So you could say I’m familiar with relays a little bit… LOL

You will find the breakdown of all sorts of relays on the net… have fun

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Is there fuse for horn?

There is usually a fuse and a relay for the horn

It’s usually possible to find a relay that’s making a noise by visual/audio inspection. If it is under the dash, could be a back-breaking job though. If you can find it, if possible remove it, then it will stop clicking. And you’ll quickly find out what that relay is for, b/c something won’t work. You should then be able to verify that’s the circuit that is causing the battery drain, b/c it won’t drain w/the relay removed. I’m guessing it’s not the relay that causing the battery drain problem, the relay clicking is just a symptom, there’s a short circuit, bad switch etc somewhere.