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Ford Escort engine problem

My 1995 Ford Escort with a 1.9 engine sputters and loses power after warm up. I replaced the Throttle position sensor but that did not help. Any help would be much appreciated

Is the check engine light on? If it is, what codes are being produced?

The TPS is not anywhere near the top of any list I’d make. Why did you replace it?

How old are the plugs & wires? Filters? Check the fuel pressure. Check the coolant temp sensor.

And as Xebadaih asked, is that check engine light on?

No the check engine light does not come on. I was told by a mechanic friend to replace the TPS. Plugs, wires and filter were replace about 10000 miles ago.

Remove the EGR valve and check its condition and operation…

Check fuel pressure, thermostat and coolant temp sensor.

Is this only at idle? Only when hitting the gas? Either way? If only at idle check for vacuum leaks.

this only happens when hitting the gas. Thank-you all for the info I will check these out.

Is it just a little stumble when you first hit the gas? Or does it continue to sputter as you accelerate and drive. You might also have the coil pack tested.

My long-gone Escort had this problem, and it was a bad fuel pump.

The first thing I would try is cleaning the maf, not to mention inspect the air intake boot. These things wont run very well if the maf cant accurately tell the ecm how much air is coming in. Not to mention trying this does not require parts replacement. You will need a tamper proof t-20 torx I believe. Remove maf, use some electrical cleaner on the elements and allow it to air dry. Do not use shop air to dry, it will be destroyed. Reinstall and test drive.

It does continue to sputter while still on the gas however when I get off the gas is seems to settle down.