Ford Escort 2000 Stuttering/hesitation problems

It seems like a fuel/air problem, so naturally went to check and replace the following

  • Fuel Injector (cleaned);
  • Fuel Filter (got a brand new);
  • Fuel Pump (checked pressure);
  • Air Filter (was pretty clean);
  • Spark Plugs (brand new);
  • Spark Plugs Cable (also brand new);
  • Ignition Coil (was in a pretty bad shape and causing some other issues)

Unrelated but I also got a new battery.

What happens is, sometimes, when pushing gas pedal the car either jerks for a while then I feel the car actually accelerating or the car just don’t accelerate at all, like if I’m at 2000 rpm’s it stays there for a while, then I feel the engine pushing and the RPM’s climbing.

It happens on all gears and I can’t say for sure but it seems like it happens more often when I push gas all the way.

Also switched oil, previous owner was using 20w50 which is too thick imo so I went with what the car manual recommends 5w30.

Any ideas?

The problem might be with a bad MAP sensor.


The MAP sensor informs the computer how much/fast you’re pressing the accelerator so the computer can adjust the fuel delivery and ignition timing.

A bad MAP sensor doesn’t always cause the Check Engine light to turn on.


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With all those problems, you would think there would be a check engine light on, and codes stored.

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Will get one tomorrow as today(sunday) everything is closed around here and report back, thanks for the info!.

@It_s_Me Yeah, thing is I can’t find a scanner that reads this vehicle, it’s from Brazil so OBD2 Standards weren’t applied till 2010 :frowning: it has a weird pin out (2,4,5,10,13,16) appears to be j1850 PWM but the 13th pin doesn’t fit.

If the engine is revving but the car isn’t accelerating that sounds like the transmission or possibly the brakes dragging.

the engine doesn’t rev, brakes brand new too.

Sorry, you said the engine can be at 2000 RPM and the car doesn’t accelerate. That sounded like it was revving but apparently not.

Yeah, it stays for a while then I feel the car pushing and the 2000 RPM’s was just an example, it can happen at any range.