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Ford Escape or Tribute or?

Looking into buying an SUV - something like the Escape or its twin - the Tribute -Would like to know if anybody has a preference and any other options for SUV - I need to have storage (cargo) and decent towing… Thanks!

Although they are both Ford/Mazda products I have to say no to both choices because of what you intend to do with the car. If you are going to be towing anything I would advise going with something bigger, like an Explorer or Mountanier. The logic I am using is something that has done me good for years. Before I went to work working on Government fleet vehicles I used to drive/manage a wrecker. I was amazed to discover that the smaller engines (Keep in mind that wreckers do a lot of towing) had the poorest gas mileage and motors like the GM 454 and the Ford “Gorilla” got far better mileage than the smaller 350’s and 360’s. I’m led to believe that the bigger motor has to produce less RPMs to create power. I’m positive you will find this out also.
Another piece of advice: Remember back in the late 70s and early 80s when the biggest craze was diesel engines because gas prices were climbing? well, I guarantee that the same thing is happening currently. There is a change of presidency and politicians are playing games with all costs of living to make the other guy look bad by driving up the misery index. Long story shorter, be very careful about getting into the current craze of alternative or ethenol fuels. As long as the people are dependant on fuels to heat their homes and fuel there independance a politician will always find a way to make a buck (Tax) off of the peoples’ pursuit of freedom and independance. Our founding Fathers would roll over in their graves if they were to know about the modern King George’s. No, I’m not some crazy fundamentalist living in the hills of Idaho. Actually I’m a Gulf Veteran living in the Rockies who just happens to still be pissed off at the way Clinton handled the Gulf region.
Moral of the story: How can you tell when a liberal politician is lying? When he opens his mouth to talk - especially so when he starts to wag his finger.

You need to define decent towing. How much weight do you want to pull, how far, how often, and what sort of terrain?

Go for the v6 engine since the 2.3l wouldn’t tow at all. The Mariner is a no as far as price. The Escape is not a bad choice, Mazda"s styling is nicer.

I was with you for the first paragraph. Keep the politics out of it. It has no place in this thread whatsoever.

There’s another paragraph?

Holy cow! The formatting of the post changed!

Hey Norm…if you want some politcs, try this website (if you don’t already):*/index