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Ford Escape Brake Wear and Service

My 2007 Escape has been a great vehicle: the reliability and mpg are terrific. Recently brake inspection showed the brake pads on the right side (outside pad only) were worn almost completely. I had the front rotors reground and the pads replaced, and will tackle the rear brakes soon.

Question #1: Does anyone know of similar brake wear patterns, or what may cause this unusual wear? (Vehicle has only 24,000 miles).

Question #2: What are the basic steps for rear brake disassembly, specifically dealing with the emergency brake mechanics? Are special tools required?

Thank you.

Usually when the outer brake pad wears faster than the inner brake pad it means the caliper slide is stuck or frozen. Relubing the caliper slides when doing the brake job usually fixes this problem.

If the vehicle has rear disc brakes, there’s a seperate set of brake shoes for the parking brake system. You’ll see this when the rotors are removed.