Ford ecsape woes

I have a 2001 Ford Escape, I was just driving along and the engine light came on and the car lost power. The engine shakes and has no pull at all,( no way can it make it up a steep incline). I took it to the closest mechanic, (Firestone) they put it on the computer and said it was the spark plugs and the ignition coil. Well they replaced these items and there was no change. I was told to take it to the dealer and have them sort it out. I have read on line that other Escape owners have similar problems, do you have any idea what this could be before I start shelling out money to the dealer to guee what could be wrong?

Hopefully the dealer will do a proper analysis, and will not guess what is wrong but fix what is wrong. Good luck but why the name BadKarma?

The problem is compounded by many mechanics, including dealer’s mechanics, NOT knowing what type of fuel pump, and how it is controlled, is on your 2001 Ford Escape.
It has an electronic returnless fuel pump. There is no fuel pressure regulator, neither in-line, nor in-tank. The fuel pressure is controlled by the engine computer (PCM) from fuel pressure signals from the Fuel rail Pressure and Temperature (FP&T) sensor on the fuel rail on top of the engine.
The engine computer (PCM) uses the signals form the FP&T sensor to control two relays which control power to the fuel pump.
The FP&T sensor has a vacuum diaphragm connected, by hose, to the intake manifold. If the diaphragm leaks, it will allow fuel to be sucked into the intake manifold, into the cylinders, partially burned, and into the exhaust. In the exhaust, the rich mixture continues to burn, damaging the oxygen sensor, the EGR position sensing valve, and the catalytic converter.
Here is information and testing of the Fuel Rail Pressure & Temperature sensor:

This is how the saga played out with MR. tundraSQ and his 2001 Escape: Too bad he didn’t continue the communication. If he had, you might have some more definitive results and ideas of how to repair yours.

It looks like you have fallen prey to the Looking-for-a-silver-bullet-sure-fire-the-first-time-effort-and-it’s-fixed syndrome. Some problems, like yours, require more. Maybe, that guy over there. Hey! Guy-over-there! Right, or wrong?

I choose Badkarma from a movie, “Navy Seals” I liked the name and I use it in variation,( Goodkarma,Karma,Badkarma) on fourms and in mmo’s,(World of Warcraft, Asherons call). I just dropped my truck off I hope they call with good news.