Ford Countour fit for CNG

My daughter is with us now in Wayne NJ
She has a 1999 Ford Contour that was equipped by the government in Washington state to run on gasoline and compressed natural gas
Who can repair a cng system in New Jersey ??
If we fix it are there places she can fill it up ??

About 30 seconds of “binging” (better than Googling, IMHO…) yielded the following site:

At the very least, it will allow you to find stations where she can fill up her tank.
And, if you click on the “community” link at the top of that page, it may enable you to find mechanics who can work competently on CNG systems.

thank you!!

Here’s another map. It seems to have the same NJ stations, but there is another one in the Philadelphia area. But there’s nothing near Wayne. The closest is at Newark Airport or NYC.

You might consider fueling from home if you have a natural gas feed. I think it will cost a few thousand dollars to buy and install the equipment.