We recently purchased a 2003 chevy cavalier for our daughter. Come to find out it is equiped with a cng burner! what can you tell me about cng and can we buy it in Omaha?


You mean it runs on Natural Gas or Propane??? You probably should have known this before you bought the car don’t you think???


Hopefully it’s an available conversion kit installed that could be switched over or not.

Or maybe just a heater for camping.:slight_smile:


Also less performance and worse gas mileage.


With gas, I think it depends more on the total economics than the volume used. If you can travel 100 miles for less money on one fuel than another…miles per gallon is not as big a factor except for range.
Sorry, I shorten my post as you posted yours.
In conversions, you’re right, it just doesn’t seem to be happening.


A “cng burner”? Do you mean there are large cng tanks in the trunk? Who did you buy it from? Where did they get their cng? Might be hard to come by in Omaha, you might call the gas utility, they might supply some to the municipality for buses, etc.


This should fill ya in on the economics a bit:
This is evidently a factory installation, so at least we know it was done right. Probably originally available as a fleet vehicle.

And it should be pointed out that CNG/LPG vehicles typically have lower maintenance cost than gasoline engines; plus, there may be tax breaks for driving it. So whatever fuel mileage cost differences there may be can be made up or exceeded there.

texases is probably right that the op may want to look/call around and see who supplies the various fleet vehicles in town.


I just googled ‘cng omaha’ -
Here’s a link to info:


yes we knew. the dealer didn’t know what he had . we bought right off the truck from the auction. it runs on gasoline or compressed natural gas. just unable to buy cng anywhere locally. car came from canada.


it was factory installed


yes there is a large tank in the trunk


thank you for your help. will let you know if we purchase any in omaha.


the car was a canadian gov. fleet vehicle. thanks for the web site, very helpful