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2000 Taurus automatic - shifting problem

My Taurus has difficulty going from 1st to 2nd gear. It sometimes seems to get stuck in neutral between those gears. If I let off on the accelerator or give it a little more, it will shift.

Do you have a question? I have some. How man miles are on the car? Has the transmission fluid been changed on schedule? What color is the transmission fluid if you wipe some on a white paper towel? What does the transmission fluid smell like?

Yes, my question is “Why is my Taurus having trouble shifting?” The transmission fluid is clear and has no smell other than fresh tranny fluid. It’s also neither overfull nor low. I was wondering if I might have a problem other than with the tranny, like a throttle problem perhaps? I put 200,000 miles on a 1990 Taurus and never had a hint of a transmission problem.

Thank you!