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Ford Air Bag PAD switch

I’ve recently bought a 2000 Ford F350 SD. It has an amber Air Bag warning light that stays on and it flashes a code of 27 in the beginning. I found out it means the Passenger restraint OFF light is inoperative. Yes it does not work. The light is a LED so I have to replace the $50 PAD switch assy. My question, is this a simple R&R or will I need a config box? I know to disconnect the batteries and wait 1 minute for the internal power to deplete. (I talked to my local dealership, they would not answer my question without an $80 min. appointment)

One thing. Wait an hour after you disconnect the battery. Also, lots of people drive with the air bag warning light on. If it’s too bright, tape over it. About your real question; I don’t know anything about airbag systems. If you won’t wait an hour, at least wait longer than a minute.

In my experience, you could try to just replace the module, but a lot of airbag systems require a scanner-based reset. This may not be one of those problems, but I truly do not know. My understanding is a battery-disconnect reset doesn’t work for all systems.

Given that it’s a very minor problem (the airbag still works, just the light doesn’t - right?) I’d ignore it. Personally, I’m not much of a fan of airbags anyway, but you’ve got a very minor and I’d say inconsequential problem. Don’t waste your time or money.