Ford 302 engine

will a intake manifold off a older carburated 302 bolt on to a 1985 throttle body 302

Won’t fit. I went thru the same crap with the EEC4 fuel injection you’re going thru right now. YOu may find an adapter in a speed shop to change the carb but you still have the same sorry ignition with TFI. Sorry, LEE

Im putting engine from 85 merc in a 80 f-150 I know I have to change oil pan and that i’ve done alot of swaps all I was wondering was if any body new if carburated manifold would bolt up to the 85 engine heck i.ll put a old points dist. in it if I have to as long as that manifold will bolt up a drill a dremmel and a few hours and carb will fit done that just didn’t want that aggravation.

I’ve put several aftermarket intakes for carburetors onto fuel injected engines with no problems.

One intake was an Edelbrock single four-barrel, one Edelbrock was an early version F28 dual 4 setup (before TBI/FI),and the other was a Weiand. All bolted right on.

The only mod I made on the Weiand was to drill and tap a hole near the back for another coolant outlet to connect with a heater core nipple.