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Ford 250 diesel turbo

where is the icp sensor located

If it is a 7.3 it will be in the cyl head on the intake side a round three wire connector.

its a 6 not 7.3 would u know were it would be

Yes early 6.0 it is back under the turbo on driver side very hard to get to the connector is covered with a soft heat sheild. later 6.0 it is on the top of the passenger side valve cover.

thanks alot it must be an early one cause its no where to found on the passengers side ill try to find it now thanks

i was wondering if there is a web site we can get pictures of this. i cant find it at all. its a 03/03 when u say valve cover u mean on top not in the cover and thanks alot

Yours should be at the rear of the eng. below the turbo on the drivers side. It is screwed into the high pressuer oil pump cover very hard to get to. You can see it from under the truck just above the top of the bellhousing.When it is the later production it will be right in the foward center part of the passanger valve cover it screws through the valve cover into the high pressure oil rail.

A Ford diesel guy, awesome! That knowledge has been lacking around here for some time.