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Ford 2016 diesel F250 warranty

I have a 2016 Ford F250 diesel that I use for my lawn maintenance business. It is still under warranty but I was wondering if using it for business voids the drivetrain warranty.

The answer is probably in the owners manual(s) or other documents that came with the vehicle. Do you have an extra-cost warranty in addition to the carmaker’s standard warranty?

I dont have a extra cost warranty in addition to the standard warranty… I was looking online at the 2016 Ford generic manual (below) and it seems to imply that the warranty would be void but it says light truck… F250 is not a light truck. I’m hoping to get a definitive answer…

You may have some implied warranties. For example, you may have an
implied warranty of merchantability (that the car or light truck is
reasonably fit for the general purpose for which it was sold) or an
implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose (that the car or
light truck is suitable for your special purposes), if a special purpose
was specifically disclosed to Ford itself not merely to the dealer
before your purchase, and Ford itself not just the dealer told you the
vehicle would be suitable for that purpose.
These implied warranties are limited, to the extent allowed by law, to
the time period covered by the written warranties, or to the applicable
time period provided by state law, whichever period is shorter.
These implied warranties do not apply at all if you use your vehicle
for business or commercial purposes. In addition, the implied warranty
of fitness for a particular purpose does not apply if your vehicle is
used for racing, even if the vehicle is equipped for racing.

Ford expects you to use your truck like that.


This says the implied warranty does not apply if the vehicle is used for business or commercial purposes. You want to read the actual written warranty and see if it applies to your usage.

That’s my issue… the actual warranty says the 2016 f250 diesel has a 5 year 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty it doesn’t state any exceptions until I read further about the implied warranty which gave me some concern. I may need to wait till Monday and just call Ford and ask them directly.

I cannot imagine that the powertrain warranty would not cover commercial use of a vehicle which was made and sold specifically for use by contractors and tradesmen. This is a full-size pickup, with a diesel engine nonetheless, and was clearly intended for precisely the type of use which the OP is using it for. The phrase “implied warranty” deals more with things like appearance, fit-and-finish issues, etc.

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Yeah, that was my though too, but I have this underlying doubt based on what I’m reading. It sure doesnt make sense that the warranty wouldn’t be in play but…

It clearly states the power train warrant. That is not implied, it is explicit. IMO, you are covered. Why do you want to know?

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That is 5 years or 100000 miles . You may be close to the 5 year mark so if you have a problem just go to the dealer and if it is covered fine , if not you were going to pay for it anyway.

Yeah, I’m having some problems that has caused me to start checking the drivetrain warranty. I read this on admittedly it says car but the complete article states fords basic warranty.

Of special note, if you use a new car for ride sharing services such as Uber or Lyft, that’s considered “commercial use” and is not covered by the warranty. This is also usually the case with other carmakers’ warranties as well as third-party warranties.

There is a big difference between using a Honda Civic (for example) for commercial purposes, and using a work truck for commercial purposes. I have worked in heating and air conditioning now for 16 years, and while most of the companies I worked for chose to buy used trucks–typically at an auction, some did buy new trucks. I have never heard of any problem getting the manufacturer to honor its warranty just because the truck was used as a work truck.

Nice!! Thank You