For the math experts on this f0rum

Read the prior wiki link and this one, and you’ll know all about it.
Ford 335 engine - Wikipedia

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That’s also incorrect. The Windsor series were made in Windsor. You are correct that the only 302 Cleveland was made in Australia.

Did you try google?

Convert cubic inches to liters (

Except that the OP’s engine is known as a 5.0L as it also came with a 4.9L, So when it comes to engines, anyway, you have to be versed enough to know that even though by Math standards a 302 is a 4.9L, but in modern real live standards, it is the legendary 5.0L…

So if the OP goes by liters only, he would be ordering a 300 I6, but in fact he has a 5.0L no matter what all the calculators & math experts say…

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Except he didn’t ask that. Yes some companies round up or down to the nearest whole number. Math is math. You can cry all you want about it. 302 Cu In IS 4.9L

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Who is crying??..

Funny how all this fox body Mustangs GT’s had 5.0 in them and badges on the sides, don’t remember seeing any with 4.9 badges on the sides… lol

And yes he asked what liter his 302 was so he knows what to order from Jasper, and almost ALL the answers were you 302 is a 5.0L… Telling him it is a 4.9L will get him the wrong engine, in in that case it IS a 5.0L by trade…

You are correct, by Math it is a 4.9L, but in the real world it is a 5.0L

If he’s mechanically inclined to replace an engine, then he’s probably smart enough to know it’s called a 5.0l. I stand by my answer.


Windsor and Cleveland 302s are different. Both blocks and heads as others have posted.

Ford does stuff like that. Ford built 3 different big block engines in the 60s. The 427, 428 and 429. Three different 7 liter engines. Different bore and strokes, different main caps, everything different. Why? 'Cause Ford.

And they still do it. There are 3 families of the current 5.0 V8 and several variations within each family.

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Raise the hood and take a look at the emission label and engine.


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Up till the mid 80’s before the computer and fuel injection I was just resuwanted to make checking theJASPER website to see what the offered and from what I see they have different liters listed for the same truck I just wanted to make we get the right one.

I thought my 5.7 was a 350. Actually pretty sure.

I’m aware of that for the 351, but hadn’t heard about it for the 302 until now. From what I can tell for Ford pickups manufactured for USA sales anyway, for the 5 L v8 size (ok, appx) they used the 289 from the early 60’s, then switched to the 302 in 1968. I’ve always thought all of the 302’s used in Ford pickups were Windsor designs, which is why I wondered above why @Texases said it was a “Windsor 302”.

He posted that to differentiate it from a Cleveland 302 or a Boss 302.

And the Boss 302 is another variation of a US made Ford 302 used in performance Mustangs for use in the Trans Am series. The biggest difference is the Boss 302 has canted valves like a big block Chevy where the Windsor has inline valves. Those same heads were used on a Boss 351, too.

There is a modern Boss 302 engine based on the 4 valve Coyote design as well. Confused yet?? This is Ford’s rabbit hole of non-interchangeable engine designs!

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Isn’t the Cleveland 302 unique to Australia? At least as far as original equipment in Ford trucks? Or is the motivation for asking not that it might be an Australian Cleveland 302, but that it might be a 302 made at the Cleveland plant in the USA for another vehicle, that was then transplanted into OP’s F150?

Yes it is.

But the Boss 302 is sometimes referred to as a Cleveland 302 or sometimes just the heads are referred to as “Cleveland” heads.

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At the risk of beating a dead horse, still unclear if a Boss 302 block is more or less the same as a Windsor block, bore & stroke? I’ve always thought the Boss 302 was Cleveland heads bolted on a standard 302 (Windsor) block.

Because it was mentioned that there is a Windsor 5 liter engine and a Coyote 5 liter engine, depending which century you belong to.

Ah, starting to make sense, so some newer Ford 150’s could be equipped with a newer Coyote 5L engine. I see.

Bore and stroke are the same. 4 inch bore, 3 inch stroke.

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