For current or former Toyota and Lexus owners

A Class Action Suit settlement has been achieved regarding defective Denso fuel pumps in some Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The link below includes a VIN lookup, to determine if your vehicle is/was one that is covered by the settlement:

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Damn, another “money tree” I’m not eligible to shake. :cry:

Seems a shame something like this has to be resolved by the judicial system. I wonder why the dispute wasn’t addressed by the manufacturer, just an unexpected technical problem? Or was manufacturer thinking a technical problem w/the part wasn’t the actual cause?

This wouldn’t be the first time–and it probably won’t be the last time–that a vehicle mfr tried to evade responsibility for defective components.

The class action suit provides a warranty extension for the fuel pumps that were replaced by Toyota’s fuel pump recall.

During early personal-computer period, a putative defect in one part of a product (problem discovered by scientist) is denied by vendor. Meanwhile the scientist invents & patents a work-a-round. Vendor continues to deny problem exists, but installs scientist’s work-a-round in their product anyway. Scientist complains, says royalties due. Courts agree w/scientist, who gets major $$$ award. I expect vendor would have been much better off to just admit they had a technical problem and deal with it.

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