Follow up to question on 2007 Toyota Camry LE 15,000 mile tune-up



Thanks for the information. I should have said 15,000 mile scheduled maintenance rather than tune-up. The same questions still apply.




I didn’t notice “tune up” in the original post, I assumed you meant the Dealer 15k service. My Toyota has a 100k spark plug change interval. The replies to the original post still apply. Go with the recommendations from the Owner’s Manual maintenance schedule.

Ed B.


The original responses remain valid. Only do what is listed in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule if you want to save money. Doing the other things suggested by the dealership will not hurt your car (and, may in fact have a slight positive effect over the very long term), but they will lighten your wallet considerably.


most of the itemns they do at 15,000 and even 30,000 these days with modern engines and fluids is to inspect levels, etc etc. Not needed if under warranty, you can do it yourself and just go by the owners manual, not what the dealer says, He has one goal, keep his hand in your wallet