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Foldable rear seats...Trunk HOT?

Cars with foldable rear seats…with the seats up…does your Trunk get hot like the rest of the car in the summertime? I wanted to store camera equipment but may have to find a car with a traditional trunk/ no foldable seats.

I don’t see how foldable seats would make much, if any, difference.

But I’d guess that other factors, such as insulation, color, shape, make more difference.

I’d get an IR thermometer (looks like a gun) and after a hot day, open the trunk and measure the temp of the material of the trunk, before it has a chance to cool off.

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It’s going to get hot inside the trunk and cabin of the car no matter what. I don’t think it makes a difference except when you are driving and the cabin temperature is controlled. If you are really concerned about heating up the camera equipment, you might consider building or buying an insulated box. Even then, the heat will eventually leak through. Only the electronics should be affected by heat. Inert items like lenses and tripods won’t be damaged. Even then, the electronics can withstand temperatures at or above boiling water. If you are still concerned, just pull the camera body with the CCD in it and take it with you.

I’d suggest that you get a white car with light colored interior, That alone makes a huge difference on how hot the interior (including trunk) gets. One of those windshield things with the reflective surface that people use when parked might make a difference too, by shading the interior.

The insides of cars get VERY hot in the sun. 125 degrees and more. The trunk also get hot, very hot. Close up the car on a hot sunny day and put a cup of water in the trunk and also in the car. Check each with a thermometer after sitting for a few hours closed up. I’d guess they will be very close for any situation of foldable seat, open storage or traditional trunk. Light colors would be a little better but they still get hot.

I agree with the others that folding seats will make no difference here. Perhaps you need some sort of thermoelectric cooler wired in the trunk area.

Maybe a big cooler with n ice pack would be a solution.