Foggy windows following huge snow storm melt

2002 Jeep Grd Cherokee. Ever since all the windows fog up to the point of not being able to see…defroster does not do much good. Jeep and local car guru says need to wait for summer for the heat to absorb all the water. Have put small heater in car but no diff.Coming thru heater and def,I think. Live in mts but never had this prob before.Any ideas re:moisture absorber? I am desperate.Thanks for your help.

Maybe keeping the widow open a crack will let some of the moisture out. Try putting a coat of RainX Anti Fog on the inside glass…ANTI FOG not the regular RainX. Any auto-parts store should have it.

I have seen little fans that plug into the cigarette lighter and circulate air on the windshield while you are driving.???

You are turning on the AC with the defroster, right? On some vehicles this is automatic, but I’m not familiar with Jeeps. The AC works as a dehumidifier, and improves defroster/defogger operation tremendously. You can run the heat and the AC at the same time. No problem.

The huge snow storm melt may have overwhelmed the drain for the HVAC system. If water got into the interior it may have soaked into the padding under the carpet. This padding will hold water for a very long time, and the only way to dry it is to remove it from the vehicle.

I can think of no other reason for this problem.

Your carpets may feel dry, but that doesn’t mean there’s no water under them. The only way to know is to lift the edge of the carpet and feel the padding underneath.

Make sure the AC is working first, then check the padding.

I have to drive with the windows open all the time regardless of the temp outside.

Are you using outside air or recycled? Check it out.

Are you getting a sweet smell in the car? Remember to run both the A/C and heat at the same time and make sure it is not set to re circulate.