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Focus starts sometimes

I have a Focus that started out by running a few minutes after putting gas in it and it would die. Wait a few minutes and it would start up and run fine. Now on three different occasions the car has started then runs for about 30 seconds and quits. After two or three times it won’t start at all. Had it tolled three times to the mechanic and it starts fine for him. Just got a call from my mechanic. saying it is running fine. I think it is the fuel pump or at least the screen in the tank stopped up. My mechanic say he does not think it is everything checks out fine. Your thoughts

What year and how many miles on the Focus?

I tend to agree with the fuel pump idea. I don’t think it is the screen.

Usually a fuel pump in the tank will fail when it has been running for some time and is hot. Once it cools down, it will work again for a while then cut out again. You need to check the spark supply, as well as the fuel supply when the car wont start. If you check it when the car is running fine you wont find the problem…intermittent problems are the hardest to diagnose.

It is a 2000 with 92,000 miles on it. It was bought new. It acts like it is running out of gas when it does it Besides the way it acts there is a recall on the fuel pump but the car had to be acting up before they would replace it. They have a 10 year limit on the recall and the car was bought in march of 2010 so Ford won’t do a thing. The problem is since it runs fine for my mechanic he doesn’t want to put a fuel pump on it. It is my wife’s car and she doesn’t care what is wrong she just wants it fixed.