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Focus 1.8 tdci zetec

hi what is the life span of a ford focus tdci 1.8 zetec would my engine make 400,000 if it was serviced every 12,500 miles thanks-- also what parts are in my engine someone said ive got jag parts and honda is this true

The good news is that diesel engines, such as the one in your Focus, are known for very long life if serviced according to the mfr’s maintenance schedule.

The bad news is that, in this US-based forum, few of us are familiar with this model, which is not sold in the US.

If Ford’s maintenance schedule does indeed call for servicing every 12,500 miles, then you can probably get very long life from the engine. However, 12,500 miles sounds extremely long for maintenance procedures, particularly oil changes. I would suggest that you double-check on the recommended oil change frequency for this engine, as I suspect that it is probably more like every 6,000 miles.

As to the “Jag or Honda” parts, I am skeptical. Remember that Ford recently sold Jaguar after having owned it for many years. During the period of Ford ownership, the parts actually went in the other direction, with Ford engines and other components finding their way into Jags. I rather doubt that Jaguar parts were used in this car, but perhaps a errant light switch or two might have been utilized.

Honda parts? Not bloody likely, mate.

The Ford parts were better than the Jag parts. You wouldn’t want Jag parts in your Ford. You WOULD want Ford parts in your Jag.