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Fluid Extractor Pump For DYI Transmission Fluid Change

Thoughts on using such a device to pull out and replace 3-4 quart of fluid every 15,000 miles to extend the intervals of having to taking it in to the shop to get the transmission service

Why do you need a pump? Can’t you just open the plug and drain it at 30,000 miles? Also, what car is this?

But you’ll need a longer hose.


I was thinking something more like this What a Ugly hyper link!

That’s nice. But you have to ask yourself, how often are you going to be sucking out 7 liters of fluid at one time? I don’t have one because of that reason.


Helps a lot if you know HTML: Mityvac 7400 7.3 Liter Fluid Evacuator

Mityvac 7400 7.3 Liter Fluid Evacuator

It’s long, but it definitely works. :slight_smile:

That was a neat trick to get it to run completely out of the text box!

I’ve Been Eyeing This Little Beauty For A While.
Looks like you need a decent air compressor to put a charge in it.

I love those Harbor Freight stores, but the closest one is 200 miles from where I sit.


I’ve thought about those. Never bought one though.

The last time I pulled the pan off of my van I added a drain plug. Some people advise against it b/c of leaking/potential leaking. Its not rocket science. Its been fine.

Not a trick…try it in IE, instead of FireFox. :slight_smile:

How about:

Mityvac 7400 7.3 Liter Fluid Evacuator


Harborfreight…they do mail delivery. I have 2 within 20 miles, so I haven’t used that particular service.



You might drop the pan and change the filter and install a drain plug in the pan while it is off. Then it will be simple to drain and re-fill in the future.