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Flooded wifes car

from experience what MUST BE DONE AND SOON is remove the seats and rip out the carpet.Now there are twe things to do here,first is let the carpet dry in the sun ( you could clean with carpet cleaner shop vac and let dry),or replace the carpet.You need to check and see if the bottom of the seats are wet.There are electric items under some carpets,air bag realys ect.DO NOT UNPLUG ANY THING UNDER HERE THE AIR BAG SYSTEM IS NARKED WITH YELLOW WIRES AND WILL BE LABLED dry the insulation and what not.You will want to trade this in asap.I deal in used cars and this will wind up being a problem down the road.Make sure the doors are not filled with water there are drain holes under the doors.

Thank You. I’ll Remember To Trade-In The Wife’s Car Next Time She Floods It!

I hate it every time she does that.

Would this work when I flood my car?


“You will want to trade this in asap.”

–Yes, the first thing you’ll want to do is pass your problem off to an unsuspecting stranger who’s buying the car in good faith.

Yup! This sure does help to verify my opinion of used car dealers.

Thanks, vipper, for giving us a snapshot of your ethics in action!